Kunstwege / Vias d'art in Winter

With the format Kunstwege | Vias d'art we want to give artists a platform for the realization of new ideas from snow and light. On the one hand, it is the deliberate use of light and projection as a design element, on the other hand, a challenging theme. This is to set our competition apart from similar events. The artists should be encouraged to combine traditional snow art with expressions of contemporary art and thus contribute to a qualitative and innovative objective.

Art is to give expression to an idea

Snow art

Snow art is futile, nothing remains in the spring but a few memories. Snow sculptures are figures of cute bears and imposing ibexes or of frozen human figures that lose their proportions at the next warm spell. Snow sculptures are nothing more than artistic creations that want nothing more than to be beautiful and are well suited as subjects for winter holiday photos - and the snow sculptors themselves, who clamber around in the snow with clammy fingers and dripping noses, are probably simply snow hut builders who have grown up. None of this is true, at least not for the artists invited here to Pontresina and their submitted ideas. The material snow needs experience and skill and sometimes holds surprises. Snow artists rarely freeze during their work, because it is exhausting. Snow artists and snow sculptors are good craftsmen, but first and foremost they are artists.
Archive of previous exhibitions

With the theme of "Glimpses and Insights" (2006), "Becoming-Being-Declining" 2009, "Transitional Beauties" (2012), "Micro - Macro Universe" (2016) and "Urban Elements" (2018), we want to say goodbye to the traditional idea of snow sculptures. While the object may quietly please the eye, the subject challenges teams and viewers to look for more. Walking art trails, insights can be gained, and in an unexpected place. These objects made of snow embed themselves perfectly in our beautiful natural landscape around Pontresina. Cross-country skiers and pedestrians, guests as well as locals will feel the desire to take a closer look at the objects in the winter landscape and let them have an effect on them.


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