International Snow-Art-Festival Kunstwege | Vias d'art Pontresina 2021
Bella Figura

Pontresina –
a place of culture

"Culture begins in the heart of every individual," said Johann Nestroy, the nineteenth-century Austrian singer, actor and playwright. The residents of the Engadin value and nurture their valley’s exceptionally rich cultural heritage and are also open to new developments. Since the turn of the millennium, Pontresina Cultura has been striving to bring the diverse culture of our community to a wider audience. The idea of attracting not only local residents and those from the surrounding area, but also holidaymakers from both Switzerland and abroad with an extensive but carefully selected cultural offering has proven increasingly successful. Thanks also to a culture-friendly policy, Pontresina has succeeded in becoming established as a place of culture. Over 100 events have been held by Pontresina Cultura to date, focusing on art, theatre, music, literature, film, photography, traditions and customs, history, nature and the Romansh language. The Cultural Committee is committed to communicating these values to children and young people – culture, after all, also begins in young hearts...