Art Trails | Vias d'art Pontresina 2023

6th edition

24 June to 19 October 2023


Kunstwege | Vias d'art Pontresina, along with Arte Bregaglia and Art Safiental, are among the most important exhibitions of contemporary art in public spaces in the canton of Grisons. After 5 exhibitions in Pontresina in the summer of 2008, 2011, 2014, 2017 and 2020, the new project ventures out into the landscape of the Bernina region. 16 artists from all linguistic regions of Switzerland, as accomplished representatives of installative art, have been invited by the organiser, Pontresina Cultura, to formulate their works on locations in public space. The theme "Rethink Destinations" is ostensibly aimed at the notion of destination on the one hand, with the invitation to rethink travel or destination on the other. This is a theme that has become more and more prominent during the pandemic and the apparent change in our environment. The theme not only opens up a view of the activity of mobile people, but also a view of global developments, of the need to stop at a waypoint and rethink the direction of travel. The exhibition organisers are looking ahead to another significant art project in public space.

Exhibiting artists

Badel | Sarbach
Alan Bogana
Karin Karinna Bühler
Markus Bürgi
Gianin Conrad
Pawel Ferus
frölicher | bietenhader
Gilles Furtwängler
Yvo Hartmann
Tarik Hayward
Catrin Lüthi K
Boris Rebetez
Ines Marita Schärer
Annina Thomann
Corsin Vogel
Wiedemann | Mettler

Exhibition 2023
"Rethink Destinations"

The Art Trails | Vias d'Art 2023 run along the UNESCO World Heritage Line of the Rhaetian Railway. The exhibition space for contemporary art stretches from the Engadine over the Bernina to the Val Poschiavo. Installations can be seen at 11 railway stations from Punt Muragl to Cavaglia. In Pontresina, the centre of the exhibition, another 14 works can be visited. The art trail "Rethink Destinations" shows works by 20 Swiss artists at a total of 32 locations. In addition, numerous satellite projects are taking place this summer: The exhibition/performance "hidden traces" by Silvia Buol, "Gallaria 2008-2023", "Kunst-Handwerk-Pontresina", "Artist Corner", "Village Memory", "Artist Talk & Performances".

Invitation to the exhibition

We invite you to visit the exhibition. The works encourage you to stop, to think - to reconsider - to pause - in short, to "Rethink Destinations".  The possibilities to explore the art trails this summer are manifold and offer not only multifaceted modern art but also an unforgettable nature experience.

See you soon in Pontresina

Pontresina Cultura


Opening hours and safety
The art exhibition is open throughout. Admission is free. For the artworks on the RhB line, please follow the timetable. Be aware of your safety when visiting the exhibition at stations and stops. Keep your distance from railway installations and cross the tracks only at designated places.

Getting there
Bus/train: It is best to travel conveniently by public transport to the Punt Muragl stop. From there you can visit the art trails on foot, by bike, or by train, in some cases with the Engadin Bus or the Postbus as a hop-on hop-off tour.
Car: The following public car parks are available: Pontresina village car parks "Rondo" and "Mulin", Bellavita Erlebnisbad & Spa car park. Bernina Line car parks Punt Muragl, Pontresina railway station, Morteratsch, Diavolezza, Lagalb and Ospizio Bernina.

Exhibition booklet
The free exhibition brochure with detailed information on the respective art objects is available at all locations and at the Tourist Information Pontresina.

Digital visitor guide and distances

Find all information about distance and duration by train, bike or on foot directly below the map. The route to the artworks is signalled near the locations along the Bernina line. In addition, the entire exhibition can be visited accompanied by a digital and audio guide.

To the Digital - Audio - Guide


Walking | Hiking | Hop-on Hop-off | Geocaching
The works of art in the village can be discovered on an easy-to-walk village tour. Wheelchair accessible.
Bernina Line: The art objects between Punt Muragl and Cavaglia can be walked along Switzerland Mobil Tour No. 53. It is recommended to visit the exhibition as a "hop-on hop-off" tour by train or bus. The train departs hourly in both directions - last connection from Cavaglia to Pontresina is at 7.09 pm. Geocaching: The exhibition can also be experienced with geocaching. Download the geocaching app to find geocaches along the art trails.

Mountain Bike | E- Mountain Bike
One of the most popular bike routes in Switzerland, "Bernina Express", connects Samedan and Poschiavo, along the art trails. Experienced mountain bikers (S2) can combine this route very nicely with a visit to the art trails.

Train | Bad Weather Option
You can also enjoy the art trails on rainy days. The works of art can be seen from the train and with the audio guide you can easily obtain further information about the individual art objects. The numerous restaurants along the route invite you to make a culinary stopover.

Events to accompany the exhibition

| Saturday, 24 June 2023, 09:30 to 15:00, Bernina region, opening tour of the 25 installations with curator Benno Conrad and all exhibiting artists. Limited number of places > Registration

| Saturday, 24 June 2023, 5:30 p.m., Plazza Rondo Pontresina, Vernissage with an introduction by Dr. Nicole Seeberger, Co-Director Bündner Kunstmuseum Chur. The artists will be present.
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