Kunstwege / Vias d'art in summer

On the basic artistic idea of the organizers Kunstwege im Sommer is a platform for Graubünden artists in exchange with artists from a guest canton. The "Kunstwege/Vias d'Art Pontresina" includes interventions in public space, which takes place in rotation every three years. What all artists have in common is their imprint on our landscape and culture, which finds expression through their works. The aim is to encourage artists to combine traditional sculpture with the expressions of contemporary art in order to contribute to a qualitative and innovative objective. The visitors should see new spaces and gain insights with the confrontation with these works, - new views and outlooks.

Sculptures, installations, sound, light and video works in public space

The contemporary sculpture

Today's broad concept of sculptural art is a very exciting field, whether in the choice of stories, materials, or medium. The concept of sculpture is being stretched ever wider. Sculpture is fundamentally the visualization of a thought or a process. The more interconnected the thoughts, the more complex the product. In a good sculpture, the statements are clear, surprising, aesthetic, touching, provocative individually or as a whole, just being entertaining, technically captivating and beautiful is not enough. The assessment of whether something is good art or effect-hating banality is not always easy. It takes time, one must have knowledge about the artist, their working method and creative process, in short about their thoughts. Self-explanatory art is almost non-existent today and this leaves some laymen somewhat perplexed. But it leaves only those who have not visited any of these wonderful exhibitions, which exist in the big and the small world, for a long time.

Archive of previous exhibitions