International Snow-Art-Festival Kunstwege | Vias d'art Pontresina 2021
Bella Figura

The Theme Bella Figura

The title "Bella Figura" is based on the Italian expression "fare bella figura" and means, in relation to the individual, "to present oneself well", "to cut a good figure" or "to make a good impression". In a figurative sense, the sculptures should present themselves beautifully. The artwork should not be in the artistic abstract, but in the figurative-realistic area. The theme is chosen so that figurative artists can find their full expression. We expect a valid, aesthetic form, which is supported by the lighting effect and precision of the implementation. Artistic charisma, proportionality and harmony of the sculpture, the craftsmanship, staging and lighting effect are therefore fundamental. Expose principles such as order, unity, balance, proportion, frame, hierarchy, symmetry, rhythm, contrast, context, detail, texture, harmony or beauty. These are integral to the creation of form and spatial definition. The art is to create and shape places and give them character. The combination of existing architecture and designed public space creates the most beautiful places to live - places that express a life full of richness and tradition and serve as a backdrop for life.