International Snow-Art-Festival Kunstwege | Vias d'art Pontresina 2021
Bella Figura

Concert: Pippo Pollina

Sat, 25.03.2023 at 8.00 pm

January 2022 saw the release of the 24th album by Sicilian singer-songwriter Pippo Pollina. A good reason to go on tour through half of Europe with the Palermo Acoustic Quintet and the new songs.

With over 4000 concerts throughout Europe, Pippo Pollina is one of the most popular Italian singer-songwriters. He captivates with his irrepressible creativity, with which he has surprised his many loyal fans time and again for more than 35 years. Whether with lyrical ballads, poetic protest songs or rocking songs: Pollina´s language always remains sensitive and tender. Like hardly any other songwriter, he succeeds in making a poem out of each of his verses. A poem that triggers a flood of images. Imaginatively, his musical stories revolve around very human things: longing and fulfilment, sorrow and happiness and, again and again, the question of meaning and significance behind things.


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