Art-Ways Pontresina | International Contest of Contemporary Snow-Art

The Pontresina Art-Ways 2018

On December 20th 2018, the exhibition Kunstwege | Vias d'art Pontresina 2018 is opening with the Vernissage. The 5th Winter Triennale is being advertised as an International Contest for Contemporary Snow Art and is aimed at professional teams from around the world. The exhibition organizers of Pontresina Cultura take a look at an innovative and significant art project, this time in urban space, on Via Maistra.

Pontresina Cultura looks forward to welcoming you to Pontresina in winter 2018 and would like to wish you a memorable visit to the exhibition. The most important information at a glance:

  • The exhibition will be held from Thursday, 20th December, to February 2018.
  • The 9 objects are located on Via Maistra. Link to location map
  • Art-Ways/Vias d’art is an open-air exhibition. The illumination will be switched on at 5 p.m. and the objects are lit until 11 p.m.
  • The trail connecting all of the objects is approximately 1kilometre long and takes around 30 minutes.
  • Teams at work: Saturday 15th to Thursday 20th December 2018. Jury assessment: Thursday 20th December 2018 at 12 a.m.
  • Vernissage: Thursday 20th December 2018, at 4.30 p.m., start from Kids-Workshop
  • Kids-Workshop: Thursday 20th December 2018 from 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
  • Entry is free of charge. Donations are of course very welcome.

The winners of the International Snow Art Contest Pontresina 2018 | 19

1st place: “A Place to Grow" Team Kaeppeli, SUI (Preis des HGV Pontresina)

2nd place: " Folded" Team Agrawal, Subzero;  GER

3rd place: "Settler" Team Pedersen, DEN and "Petites Fugues" Team Gallo, Snowprint, SUI

Audience Jury: The leaf of time, Team Chilcott SWE 


General information

Each object is accompanied by an information board with indications about the chosen topic and some information about the Team. You can scan the QR code to use your smartphone as a guide to the 9 locations. The exhibition guide, which is available free of charge along the Art-Way and from Pontresina Tourist Information in the Convention and Event Centre Pontresina contains additional pieces of information about history and locations. Tip: while you are moving around the trail, you can use the Free WiFi Engadin network that offers free Internet access along Via Maistra. Download exhibition guide

How to get there


  • North: Engadin Bus stop: Schlossgarage; object 1 is located at the Kronenhof hotel
  • Centre: Engadin Bus stop: Rondo or Punt Ota Sur; objects 2 to 6
  • South: Engadin Bus stop: Post; objects 7 to 9
  • Train station: RhB (Rhaetian Railway) stop


Parking spaces are available right next to the exhibition in the Rondo and Mulin public car parks or in the Bellavita Pool and Spa car park. How to find the Art Trails/Vias d’art 2018 exhibition in Pontresina


Brochure Visitor's guide Kunstwege | Vias d'art 2018 | 19 Download

Vernissage Announcement Kunstwege | Vias d'art 2018 Download

Audience competition coupon 2018 Download

Map Locations Kunstwege/Vias d'art 2018 Download

The topic "Urban Elements"

The public space is usually staked out by the constraints of traffic engineers, architecture and homeland security. In smaller communities, the active design of public space is often a side-show.Pontresina - idyllically situated in a unique landscape, is a conglomeration of magnificent hotel palaces, old buildings in the form of Engadine houses and functional architecture, created from the desires of tourism of the last 150 years.

This year, the Triennale Kunstwege | Vias d'art creates snow art in the space around the Via Maistra. The artistic articulation of space is the most creative aspect of engaging in public space. With "Urban Elements" Pontresina makes the experiment to arrange episodic elements in a manageable network of streets, squares and landscape. Carefully designed objects will be involved in redefining the public space, which means creating connections between people and places, movement and village form, nature and building fabric. These elements will be very important in the perception of public space and may bring to life a vision of how to create a public space with the creation of places of distinct beauty and identity.

With "Urban Elements", the public living room of the place will be refurnished with attractive pieces. Streets and squares are meeting places of a community - the place where people come together to enjoy the village / city and each other. Public spaces enable a high-quality life in one place - they form the stage and backdrop for the spectacle of life.

The competition task

The teams of artists who will tackle this task will deal with artistic principles such as order, unity, balance, proportion, frame, hierarchy, symmetry, rhythm, contrast, context, detail, texture, harmony or beauty. These are an integral part of the creation of form and spatial definition. It's the art of creating and designing spaces and giving them character. The combination of existing architecture and designed public space creates the most beautiful places to live - places that express a life full of wealth and tradition and serve as a backdrop for life.

The translation of the topic "Urban Elements" should primarily be a challenge for the artists, as well as a selection criterion for the jury. The topic is chosen in such a way that above all situation-oriented, sometimes also abstract working artists can find their full development. Elements that blend into a whole result in a valid, aesthetic form, which is supported by the lighting effect and the precision of its implementation. When entering and awarding the jury, the jury will evaluate the innovative implementation of the theme and the significance of the contribution to contemporary sculpture. Artistic charisma, proportionality and harmony of the sculpture, the craftsmanship, staging and light effect are additional criteria in the award ceremony.